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What’s in a name?

Everything when it comes to choosing one for your business.

Skylark came to us whilst reminiscing about childhood holidays. Theme parks, picnics, days on the beach – all fun and fabulous family activities. So what did we used to do? Go birdwatching. Days on end we spent sat in total silence as Dad pointed to various winged creatures, which inevitably disappeared from view before we’d finished fighting over the binoculars.

Like it or not, this childhood endurance test made a twitcher (aka ‘birdwatcher’) out of me and as far as names go for a business promoting the benefits of clear, compelling, consistent communication what could be better than that of a bird renowned for its beautiful, warbling song?

The skylark packs a real punch for its diminutive size; not only does it have the most engaging song but it manages to target its message more consistently and rapidly than any other UK songbird – all whilst hovering high in the sky – making it a more than suitable icon for a specialist marketing and communications company.

So just who is the Skylark?

Skylark is the creation of Sarah Engerran, whose career spans editorial, marketing and consultancy positions, writing, commissioning, editing and consulting on content for trade, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and glossy magazines, national, regional and local newspapers, brochures, press releases and PR events, social media sites and websites, Tweets, Blogs, Fan pages and everything else in between.

Skylark’s secret for successful communications? “Always knowing who your audience is and what they want to hear, and then delivering just that in the most engaging way possible, leaving them wanting more, more, more.”

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