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Writing any sort of material – whether for a website, brochure, sales letter or presentation – brings many people out in a cold sweat. Yet when they actually get down to it, they generally find there’s plenty to say, especially if they have a burgeoning business and are making the most of all the networking and other opportunities available. But there is a crucial step in the art of writing that’s often missed – editing.

Websites provide the perfect platform for more detailed information about you and your business. Having a website means you do not need to write your version of ‘War and Peace’ for any other type of business communication. When it comes to preparing what you will say about your business, especially to a room full of prospective clients at a presentation or networking event, follow the KISS principle – Keep It Short and Sweet.

Work on your ‘elevator pitch’ – what you would say to the likes of Richard Branson or Sir Alan Sugar were you to find yourself in a lift with them. Go on – you’ve got 30 seconds before those doors open again and they might step out – what can you say that best sums up your business?

Write down your pitch, elaborate a little about why you are in the business you are in, what your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are and then go back and refine it. Then read it again and edit it again. Before you know it you will have something short and sweet to say about your business and better still leave any audience wanting to know more. Just make sure you have with you plenty of business cards with your web address, Twitter tag and Facebook page details on them and then check your website analytics post-event to see just how many people were wowed enough to want to know more.

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