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Honesty is the best policy

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When was the last time you sat down, looked at your client list and really analysed it? I mean properly, not just with a happy smile on your face that so many names are listed there. Properly means mining the list for the relevant information that will help you grow your business. Who are these clients? Not their names but their categories – their profession/sector, the number of times they use your service or buy your product, how much they have been worth to your business in the last year, how has their spending pattern with you changed since they first came on to your books?

If you haven’t attempted such an analysis for some time (if ever), then you should – and as regularly as possible. Knowing exactly who your customers are – who they are, how they interact with your business, what they buy, how much they spend – gives you valuable information on which to base decisions about how to grow your business going forward. Are you spending a lot of money marketing to sectors or sections of the population who are high-maintenance, low-return? Or are you lucky enough to have regular, trusted clients who buy from your full range of services or products?

Only by being honest with yourself about exactly who your customers are, and the type of customer you want to have more of, can you grow your business in any meaningful way. You may have personal goals that mean you need to change the type of clients you attract – I was speaking with a client earlier today who confessed that in two years’ time she doesn’t really want to be travelling hither and yon to deliver a half-hour massage. This honest self-assessment helped her see how she may want to start positioning her service offer in order to cut down the number of low-return clients.

Be warned this isn’t navel-gazing – this is structured analysis that will provide you with valuable information about your business. Go on, delve deep and see what it reveals – you may be surprised what you find out!

KISS me quick

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Writing any sort of material – whether for a website, brochure, sales letter or presentation – brings many people out in a cold sweat. Yet when they actually get down to it, they generally find there’s plenty to say, especially if they have a burgeoning business and are making the most of all the networking and other opportunities available. But there is a crucial step in the art of writing that’s often missed – editing.

Websites provide the perfect platform for more detailed information about you and your business. Having a website means you do not need to write your version of ‘War and Peace’ for any other type of business communication. When it comes to preparing what you will say about your business, especially to a room full of prospective clients at a presentation or networking event, follow the KISS principle – Keep It Short and Sweet.

Work on your ‘elevator pitch’ – what you would say to the likes of Richard Branson or Sir Alan Sugar were you to find yourself in a lift with them. Go on – you’ve got 30 seconds before those doors open again and they might step out – what can you say that best sums up your business?

Write down your pitch, elaborate a little about why you are in the business you are in, what your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are and then go back and refine it. Then read it again and edit it again. Before you know it you will have something short and sweet to say about your business and better still leave any audience wanting to know more. Just make sure you have with you plenty of business cards with your web address, Twitter tag and Facebook page details on them and then check your website analytics post-event to see just how many people were wowed enough to want to know more.

What’s in a name?

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Everything when it comes to choosing one for your business.

Skylark came to us whilst reminiscing about childhood holidays. Theme parks, picnics, days on the beach – all fun and fabulous family activities. So what did we used to do? Go birdwatching. Days on end we spent sat in total silence as Dad pointed to various winged creatures, which inevitably disappeared from view before we’d finished fighting over the binoculars.

Like it or not, this childhood endurance test made a twitcher (aka ‘birdwatcher’) out of me and as far as names go for a business promoting the benefits of clear, compelling, consistent communication what could be better than that of a bird renowned for its beautiful, warbling song?

The skylark packs a real punch for its diminutive size; not only does it have the most engaging song but it manages to target its message more consistently and rapidly than any other UK songbird – all whilst hovering high in the sky – making it a more than suitable icon for a specialist marketing and communications company.

So just who is the Skylark?

Skylark is the creation of Sarah Engerran, whose career spans editorial, marketing and consultancy positions, writing, commissioning, editing and consulting on content for trade, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and glossy magazines, national, regional and local newspapers, brochures, press releases and PR events, social media sites and websites, Tweets, Blogs, Fan pages and everything else in between.

Skylark’s secret for successful communications? “Always knowing who your audience is and what they want to hear, and then delivering just that in the most engaging way possible, leaving them wanting more, more, more.”


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